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Get a grip on your habits to feel better in your skin, increase your confidence and energy, finally lose weight, and really enjoy life.

Is this you?

You feel stressed, like you're always playing catch-up, often feel like you're not good enough, can't enjoy life, and aren't happy with your weight either.

You want to lose weight, have more confidence and energy, feel more calm, increase your sleep quality, and enjoy life again.

Together, we'll work on your habits around food, activity, stress and relaxation, and coping mechanisms, so you can lose those extra pounds, feel better in your skin, and have more energy to seize life.

Create New Habits

With this free 5-day email series we'll see what your day looks like and where you could make moves towards those new habits you've been wanting to build. This time you will stick with them!

Habits 101

The Basics of Creating Habits

Create one new habit in 30 days (even if you’ve already tried everything to ditch bad habits and pick up the good ones)!

The next round starts on September 4th.

1:1 coaching

Need more support? With 1:1 coaching we'll work together on a deeper level. We'll find out your goal and motivation, why it didn't work before, and what you might do different this time.

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“Petra shared practical tips to evaluate my eating habits. With her own experience and enthusiasm she took me along in her passion for a balanced life. I'm very happy with these specific pointers that I still use every day!”

– Niki (32)

“All my life I’d been working against myself with a mindset that was all about being a perfectionist. And when you live like that it’s hard to implement necessary changes in your life, because you want to do things right immediately. No, not right, perfectly. Working with Petra, I discovered that is exactly how I mess it up. She helped me realize that change comes in steps, it’s gradual and you’re allowed to make mistakes. Because when you make that mistake again, it's how you realize what triggers you to make that mistake. Petra has changed my life and quite frankly my mindset too. Anyone working with her is lucky to have her by their side.”

– András (29)

“I could only give the coaching 50% and I still got results. What an eye opener. I didn't feel judged in Petra's coaching. She gives useful suggestions and it's great that the coaching could be adapted to my wishes and personal situation.”

– Ronald (39)

Free 5-day email series: Create New Habits

This time your new habit will stick! We'll see what your day looks like and where you can make moves towards those new habits you've been wanting to build.

Read more about the Create New Habits series here.

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Habitude Coaching

Hi, i'm Petra!

I'm Petra. I help people like you help a grip on their habits to feel better in their skin, increase their confidence and energy, lose weight, and create a lifestyle that fits their goals.

With Habitude Coaching I offer behavior change, stress management tools, organization, and tools (personal coaching, group programs, workshops) to people who feel they're stuck with their weight, energy, and lifestyle. We work together to adjust habits and achieve lifestyle goals so you can seize life.

I'm a certified and accredited health coach and love to travel, hike, and write—and I have a passion for self development and lifestyle. Helping people achieve their goals makes me happy, which is why I became a health coach.

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